The Job Description

The Job Description begins with the Title section – the basic information needed about the job; A Summary of the Position -- The Minimum Background, Experience, and Requirements of the job -- and the Basic Duties and Tasks of the job.

Job Description



Customer Service Representative




Customer Service

Grade :




Status :






Summary of the Position


A1. Takes orders from customers


A2. Enters data into the computer system


A3. Supports customer relations by solving problems, issues and concerns


A4. Answers telephones

 Minimum Background, Experience and Requirements


A1. High school graduate with a continuing record of learning


A2. Excellent communications skills both oral and written


A3. Able to read, write, and speak English with reasonable proficiency to our customers, vendors, and employees - Spanish language skills a plus


A4. Experience in a service business


A5. Experience with a computer particularly Microsoft Office


A6. Available in terms of time and scheduling


A7. Reliable, good work ethic, high integrity, and drug free (abuse of illegal and legal drugs)


A8. Clean presentable appearance

The Job Description continues with the basic tasks and the measurements for each task.  It must be clear, not only what the task is, but also how each task is suppose to be performed – the standards that are required to do the job in the proper manner.



A3. Answering the telephone

 All phones should be answered no later than 3 rings; Welcome the caller using the 5 Steps for Friendliness and Great Customer Service; Say, "Good Morning/Afternoon. This is (Mary). How may I help you?"; Ask for the customer's name and the nature of the call; Transfer the call to the appropriate person who handles that account or to another department, manager, or salesperson as appropriate; Put the person on hold when transferring call; Call the extension to determine if the person is able to take the call at this time; Then provide option for voice mail or to take a message; Take a message if required; Put on the message sheet the person to whom the message is addressed, name of the person calling, company, telephone number, and brief summary of what they are requesting

The Position Behaviors are a critical component of any job. It is not only important to know what to do, but it is also critical to clear identify how the person is to act and behave on the job. These expectations are identified in this section.

Position Behaviors


A1. COMMUNICATIONS - Listens to others: Solicits ideas, suggestions and opinions from others; Creates a comfortable climate for airing concerns; Listens to all points of view with and open mind; Listens carefully without interrupting; Summarizes input, then checks for understanding


A2. RELATIONSHIPS- Builds personal relationships: Shows consideration for the feelings of others; Shows absence of prejudicial and stereotypic thinking in words and actions; Delivers criticism tactfully and constructively; Maintains composure in high-pressure situations


A3.ADAPTABILITY - Adjusts to circumstances: Is flexible in dealing with people with diverse work styles; Is comfortable in a variety of environments; Reacts constructively to setbacks; Anticipates and plans for changing situations

Every job uses various tools and equipment in the course of performing the tasks. These are identified in this section. In addition, the knowledge and skills that must be learned in order to perform in a proficient manner should be identified in this section as well.

Tools and Equipment Required


A1. Computers


A2. Copiers


A3. Fax machines


A4. Telephone

Knowledge and Skills Required


A1. 5 Steps to Friendliness and Great Customer Service


A2. Knowledge of company policies and procedures


A3. Computer skills including Microsoft Office


A4. Telephone communication skills

Who are the customers of this position? Which individuals will interact with the person performing this job? There are both internal and external customers. The customers of the position have certain expectations and what they require. They measure success by their own values and standards. These standards are intended to be shown here.  The internal customers are also identified here. These are the people who will be interacting with the person in this job. They have expectations and their own measurements of what constitutes success from their eyes.

External Customers

Expectations and Measurement of Success



A1. Customers and clients

Service provided when customers expect; Treated with respect; Attentive to their wishes; Willing to go the extra mile to achieve satisfaction; Equipment operated in a safe professional manner; Neat appearance, clean and presentable at all; Aware of surroundings; customer friendly to each person; Follows the policies and procedures of the customer when in customer’s location;

Internal Customers

Expectations and Measurement of Success



A1. Office staff, Management, fellow employees

Numbers provided on time and accurately; Treated honestly and with respect; Information provided on time and accurately; Cooperative team spirit; sharing information to improve the entire operation of the company; Responsive to calls and requests;

 Finally, the job description ends with general comments about the job and its relationship within the company. Each position is important to the success of the total organization. Its importance and relevance to the success of the company is written hear so that the individual has a better understanding of where they fit.



The Customer Service Representative (CSR) is one of the most significant jobs in the company. This person provides the heart and soul that our customers feel about our service. The interaction and perception that the client has of us is, in large part, based on the manner that the CSR handles the relationship. Although it can be very difficult at times, how the CSR does his or her job determines whether the customer will come back. Employee commitment to great customer service is achieved when you are totally focused on meeting the customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations. We need to treat each individual like a guest in our home… with courtesy, friendliness, and the respect that they deserve.


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